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  • Woman throwing paper airplane

    12 Depression Busters

    Menopause can trigger a number of hormonal changes that leave you feeling a myriad of emotions -- one of which is depression. But don't let it bring you down.

    Discover strategies to kick depression to the curb and find inner peace.

  • A woman in white clothes and a bandana meditating on a rock against the blue sky.

    8 Ways to Age Gracefully

    Enhance your physical and mental health with these tips!

    Follow these suggestions to become comfortable with change, and help you age gracefully.

  • Nurture Your Creativity

    Embrace a New Creativity

    Menopause brings about multiple physical and emotional changes -- changes that shouldn't be feared.

    Find out how these changes can spur growth and creativity.

  • Adding a hole to a belt

    Tips for Keeping Your Weight Down

    If you're just entering meopause, you may think weight gain is a given. But it doesn't have to be.

    Read on for ways to stay trim and keep your body healthy.


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