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Happiness Quotes to Brighten Your Day

Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it.

-Confucius (submitted by Nikole)

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The Dalai Lama: We Can All Achieve Happiness


The Dalai Lama: We Can All Achieve Happiness

His Holiness the Dalai Lama explains that happiness is the ultimate purpose we all share, and that we are all born with the right to achieve it.

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Happiness Around the World


Happiness Lessons from Around the World

As a correspondent for National Public Radio, Eric Weiner often traveled to war-torn or famine-ravaged countries. To cleanse his spirit, he decided to travel to some of the world's happiest places to find out just what made them so joyful.

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10 Ways to Find the Happiness in Front of You


10 Ways to Find the Happiness in Front of You

Happiness is all around you, and it doesn't care how much money you have or the circumstances of your life. Tips on how to look on the bright side and be grateful.

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Finding Joy in the Everyday

Joy doesn’t only live in the major moments. Joy lives in the seemingly little things, in our day-to-day lives. Here’s how to find it and create more happiness in your life.

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