12 Steps Toward Freedom from Depression

Beyond Blue: The Lessons of Depression

Confused woman

By Therese Borchard

Four years ago, I almost gave up.

After trying 23 medication combinations, seven psychiatrists, two hospitalization programs, and every form of alternative therapy available--from homeopathic remedies to yoga--I assumed I was one of those unfortunate statistics with treatment-resistant depression, a Humpty Dumpty type who would never recover from the fall of a nervous breakdown.

There was no magic that happened between then and now, the day my book about my recovery hits the shelves. I just kept on getting out of bed. Even on the days where my thoughts were cemented in the black stuff, in negativity and toxic emotions, I tried to pick up one foot and place it in front on the next.

Here are the tools I picked up along the way, the 12 basic lessons that help me in my mission to stay "Beyond Blue," or at least out of black for as long as possible.

Therese J. Borchard writes the Beyond Blue blog on Beliefnet. Her new book, also called Beyond Blue, has just been published.

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