The Healing Power of Tea

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Making the Perfect Brew

steaming pot tea water boil

Before you choose what kind of tea to make, consider the nuances of tea preparation. Properly brewing your cup or pot of tea will enhance both the healing properties and flavors of your drink. Here are some hints:

  • Warm up your teapot by pouring in very hot water, letting it sit for a couple of minutes, and then pouring it out again. The same can be done with ceramic teacups.
  • Use the right amount of tea. A typical cup of tea is 5.5 fluid ounces, and should be brewed with 2 grams of tea leaves.
  • Heat you water to the proper temperature. Water should come to a full boil for black tea, but should be allowed to cool for a moment before pouring over green tea leaves. Never use hot tap water to brew tea, always heat tea water on a stove.
  • Find a quiet spot to relax and fully experience your tea.
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