8 Ways Illness Can Be a Spiritual Practice

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Practice Acceptance

Spiritual practice is about bowing to and saying 'yes' to the reality of life, even when that reality is illness. During my pneumonia, my daily mantra and spiritual practice was the phrase, "It is what it is." When I came to fully embrace this concept, I felt a deep sense of peace with my situation. I gave into my newfound understanding that my illness was as much a part of God's plan for me as my health. And, I used my energy to heal instead of struggling against my unpleasant reality.

"I believe that fighting or doing battle with any disease creates strong emotional currents that feed and strengthen the condition," says hospital chaplain Brent Davis. "What we resist, persists."

If the truth of your situation is you won't get better, accepting this frees you to make good choices for yourself in these circumstances, and to be honest with loved ones. It also frees your heart to feel God's love.