Hope and Encouragement for Tough Times

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'Under All Circumstances There Is Hope'

We have been hit hard by the economic tsunami and our natural response is to “I want relief now. I want to be able to keep my home and pay my children’s tuition.” Why the recession occurred and at whom to be angry is of little importance. When I have a bad toothache, my response is, ‘I want relief, and soon.’ This is no different.

But the fact is the recovery will take time and we have to go into a survival mode. With jobs being scarce, we may have to temporarily find ways to earn a few bucks. What is important is to know that there will be recovery and avoid falling into despair because a negative attitude may preclude our seeing opportunities when they occur. Rabbi Shmulevitz says, “A person must be cautious when he suffers a fall that he should not allow the fall to harm him even more than the actual adverse circumstances. If he will strengthen himself even in his decline and maintain his personal value under all circumstances there is hope that he will rise and return to his former status and even higher than that (Sichos Musar 5731:13.)

The temporary loss of our earning ability should not depress our self-esteem. Sometimes the loss of a job results in our looking and finding ideas that we would not have thought of when we had a regular paycheck. With positive thinking we can discover new ideas.

Rabbi Abraham Twerski, founder and medical director of Gateway Rehabilitation Center, Author of Healing From Despair: Choosing Wholeness In A Broken World

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