Converting the World to Jewish Spirituality

After watching Christian missionaries publicly argue for their faith, I wondered to myself, why not Judaism?

BY: Rabbi Shmuley Boteach


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Marital Law: Have sex in marriage as often as possible. Lovemaking is the glue that keeps a husband and wife intimately connected, but separate sexually for 12 consecutive days each month in order to impose an erotic barrier in the relationship that both enhances lust and makes your bodies exciting and new. Do not think about anyone but your spouse during sex. The focus should be on the woman's pleasure before the man's. A man must respect his wife more than he respects himself.

Child-rearing: From the earliest age instill within your child a love of learning. When your children are young, impose borders and rules that they know not to cross. As your children grow older, relax the left hand of discipline and begin the right hand of inspiration. Have regular talks with your children about the aforementioned values. And apologize freely to your kids when you have hurt them.

Holidays: The Jewish year revolves around eight holidays evoking eight different meditations and reflections. On Rosh Hashanah, reflect on G-d's kingship and the subjugation of our lives to His will. On Yom Kippur, reflect on misdeeds and the need to repent of error and better our ways. On Sukkot, immerse yourself in nature. Reflect on removing artifice and manipulation from your life and reconnect with your most authentic self. Light candles on Hanukkah and reflect on the soul's capacity to illuminate the world's darkness and the power of goodness to triumph over evil. On Purim, reflect on the joy that comes with knowing that G-d's providence determines all human events. Celebrate G-d's guiding hand in history. On Passover reflect on human liberty and the spiritual capacity to transcend physical limitation. On Shavuot, reflect on the centrality of law to human governance and the importance of divinely ordained ritual in communing with G-d. On Tisha B'Av, mourn for all the human tragedies that have forever consumed the innocent at the hands of the wicked and pray for the redemption of mankind.

The Bible: Read a chapter of the Hebrew Bible every day. Begin with Genesis and proceed through the end of the Hebrew prophets. Make the Bible a constant source of discussion at home.

Dietary Laws: Eat only kosher animals, defined as animals that are not themselves predatory and are only vegetarian. They possess split hooves rather than paws which makes them incapable of preying on the weak. Never mix dairy and meat products as a symbol of the need to always embrace life and abhor death. Milk is the elixir of life. Meat is death incarnate.

Obviously, this summation is only a beginning and minds greater than my own will refine and fine-tune the universal Judaism that we can then disseminate. But disseminate it we must.

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