Converting the World to Jewish Spirituality

After watching Christian missionaries publicly argue for their faith, I wondered to myself, why not Judaism?

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What would a universal Judaism look like? I propose the following as the basis for a worldwide campaign that the Jewish community can launch to both illuminate the world with the light of Jewish values, heal the world of many of its social maladies, and inspire the Jews themselves to recommit to a tradition that their non-Jewish counterparts find awe-inspiring and wise. First, and foremost, there would be a declaration that you don't have to be Jewish to practice Judaism. Rather, it's about bringing the following principles into your life, whatever your identity.

Values: Focus on the following values as the cornerstone of your life.

  1. A passion for study and the acquisition of knowledge.
  2. Fate does not exist. What we become in our lifetime is dependent entirely on the choices we make. Period. Man possesses freedom of choice at all times. Therefore, choose righteousness.
  3. Charity is the mother of all virtue. Give generously.
  4. Define yourself by personal relationships rather than professional achievements. Put family first.
  5. Do the right thing even for the wrong reasons. Repairing the world is more important than repairing yourself. World redemption precedes personal salvation.
  6. Hate evil and fight it. Wrestle even with G-d in the face of seeming diving miscarriages of justice.
  7. Every human being is created in G-d's image and are thus equal and their lives are sacred.


The Sabbath: Every Friday to Saturday night, impose a 24-hour technology cutoff that insulates you from the busi-ness of the world. Do not answer the phone. Do not turn on the TV. Walk instead of drive. Reconnect with family and community.

Marital Law: Have sex in marriage as often as possible. Lovemaking is the glue that keeps a husband and wife intimately connected, but separate sexually for 12 consecutive days each month in order to impose an erotic barrier in the relationship that both enhances lust and makes your bodies exciting and new. Do not think about anyone but your spouse during sex. The focus should be on the woman's pleasure before the man's. A man must respect his wife more than he respects himself.

Child-rearing: From the earliest age instill within your child a love of learning. When your children are young, impose borders and rules that they know not to cross. As your children grow older, relax the left hand of discipline and begin the right hand of inspiration. Have regular talks with your children about the aforementioned values. And apologize freely to your kids when you have hurt them.

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