Hajj 2009: A Story of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving, Hajj and Eid al-Adha fall within the same week this year. Hesham Hassaballa tells the story of Abraham, which inspired the rituals of the Hajj. And he considers why this is ultimately a story of thanksgiving.

The years have passed, and his long-desired heir has not come. He and his wife have not been able to bear any children, and as his bones age and his hair grays, hope fades. Seeing that her husband has an ardent desire for a child, and she cannot bear him one, his loyal wife encourages him to take on another wife. Immediately, she is with child and bears him the son he has long desired. His joy is overwhelming.

Yet, hardly has the joy been expended when he takes his wife and their newborn son on a journey through the hot sands of the desert. After a long journey, the man stops at a barren valley and leaves his wife and son. Startled, she runs after him: "What are you doing?" He does not answer.

"Why are you leaving us?" He continues on without looking at her.

"There is no food, no water, no life here. Do you leave us to die?" He does not answer.

Then she says, "Did God command you thus?"

Finally, he says, "Yes."

"Then," she replies, "He will not lead us astray." His wife turns away, and the man continues to the place from whence he came.

Soon, the small amount of food and drink that the man left with his family ran out, and the baby began to cry from hunger. Frantic, the mother searched near and far for any sign of food, water, or a coming caravan. There was nothing but barren and hot desert. She lost all hope and went back to watch her child die. To her surprise, a well had sprung at the spot where her son was crying, and she cried for joy. They were saved by a miracle.


The wife and child settle in this valley called Paran, which later blooms into a desert metropolis. The man has come many times to visit his wife and son in this city, and the man loves his son very much. On one of theses visits, the man has a dream in which he was sacrificing his son. He awakens with the realization that this was no idle dream, but a command from the Lord Himself. He consults his son about the dream, and his son replies, "Father, do as you are commanded. You will find me, God willing, among those who are patient."

On the appointed day, he takes his son in order to kill him. The boy tells his father to place his face down toward the earth, so that he will not weaken and fail to fulfill the Lord's command. Yet, the knife would not cut his son's neck. Time and again, he tried to kill his only son, his flesh and blood for whom he waited many years, but the knife's sharpness failed. Just then, a voice called out to him: "Abraham! You have indeed fulfilled the vision." And in his son's stead, an animal was presented to Abraham for the sacrifice to the Lord. Once again, the son was saved by a miracle.

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