On Being a Muslim

A South African activist talks about how to be a progressive Muslim in today's world.

Excerpted with permission from "On Being a Muslim," courtesy of Oneworld Publications


There is an exciting and challenging wind of relevance blowing through the world of Islam. Numerous Muslims, especially among the young, are keen to know how Islam relates to our here and now.

The New Islamic Reformation
Moderate and liberal American Muslims are suddenly outraged--and mobilized.
Defining an American Islam
Beliefnet members debate the challenge of creating and maintaining Amerian Muslim identity after 9/11.


Many responses have been forthcoming as a part of this wind of relevance: these are often vague, repetitive, superficial and, at times, even alarming. Some of these responses are alarming not only to those who desire to be unfettered in their march to entrench their control over the global economy, but also to many Muslims who value social justice and personal freedom. Alhamdulillah (Praise be to Allah), of the latter breed there is a growing band.

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