Here is a selection of some New Year messages, from some great Indians, that are zara hatke and could add some oomph to our resolutions. read more »
The Vedic concept of God, or Brahman, is not of an individual, but of an existence - the existence of an unchanging cosmic spirit. read more »
Inspired by The Bhagavad Gita, author Jack Hawley lends his interpretation to the ancient texts. read more »
One of the most puzzling things often heard in lectures on the Hindu Dharma to church groups and schools is that Hinduism isn’t... read more »
  • May there be peace in the higher realms;
    may there be peace in the firmament;
    may there be peace on earth...


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A learned man's learning shines the brightest among luminaries capable of critiquing his language. Speaking to an audience of thinking men is like watering a bed of growing plants. end quote
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Common Word Common Lord

Dr. Hesham A. Hassaballa
House of Cards Shows The Quest For Absolute Power Can Be Destructive
For Bible Study Nerds

For Bible Study Nerds

Mike Nappa
Matthew 918 26 A Dead Girl And A Sick Woman Historical Backgrounds
Prayer Plain and Simple

Prayer Plain and Simple

Mark and Jill Herringshaw
Shepherds and City Folk


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