Here is a selection of some New Year messages, from some great Indians, that are zara hatke and could add some oomph to our resolutions. read more »
The Vedic concept of God, or Brahman, is not of an individual, but of an existence - the existence of an unchanging cosmic spirit. read more »
Inspired by The Bhagavad Gita, author Jack Hawley lends his interpretation to the ancient texts. read more »
One of the most puzzling things often heard in lectures on the Hindu Dharma to church groups and schools is that Hinduism isn’t... read more »
  • If anyone speaks ill of you,
    Praise them always.
    If anyone injures you...

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The wise unify their consciousness and abandon all attachment to the fruits of action, which binds a person to continual rebirth. Thus they attain a state beyond all evil. end quote
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City of Brass

Aziz Poonawalla
why dont they condemn
Prayer Plain and Simple

Prayer Plain and Simple

Mark and Jill Herringshaw
Prayer as Speaking to the Mountain
Timothy Velner

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Timothy Velner
The One Wrong Decision We Can Make


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