Hindu myths debunked Foods Forbidden in Hinduism Koham Vedic
Some argue that Hinduism is more a way of life than religion. It has no common creed or church. Nor is it based on the teachings... read more »
In Hinduism foods are listed as Rajasic, Sattvic, or Tamasic and also can be used in combination. Some foods are believed to hurt... read more »
Here is why Koham (meaning "Who am I?") is the most important question of all according to the ancient Vedic sutras. read more »
The Vedic concept of God, or Brahman, is not of an individual, but of an existence - the existence of an unchanging cosmic spirit. read more »
  • O Great Lord! Thou art the paramatma, the protector of all worlds.
    Wife, children, wealth, land, everything are infatuations of Thy maya...


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It is a fool who blames the sun for his own blindness….The scriptures even proclaim aloud: “There is in truth no creation and no destruction; no one is bound, no one is seeking Liberation, no one is on the way to Deliverance. There are none Liberated. This is the absolute truth.” My dear disciple, this, the sum and substance of all the Upanishads, the secret of secrets, is my instruction to you. end quote
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