'Out of the Box' Resolutions for the New Year

May good things happen to us in the coming New Year. Those who believe in a new resolution, New Year is just the excuse to form new habits and change for the better. Here is a selection of some New Year messages, from some great Indians, that are zara hatke and could add some oomph to our resolutions.

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Buddha truly experienced a ‘Happy New Year’....

"Happy New Year. You must have heard this in the last week a thousand times and at least a hundred times you must have said it. “Happy New Year! Happy New Year!” In fact, there is no ‘new’ year. ‘Year’ is but a measurement in a continuous stream of time that we have created for our own convenience. Time is the same – labelled as past, present or future – it is a concept. For our convenience, we have created divisions of days, weeks, months, years, centuries and millennia. Whether in the 1st or the 2nd century, 20th or even the 21st century, ‘time’ is ever the same. But all that is floating in time and reaching us is constantly changing. ...

The greeting ‘Happy New Year’ is actually a wish that one and all may discover more happiness for themselves in the coming year, by renewing not the year, but oneself. The year cannot be changed! This is a time for renewal. This is the reason so many people make New Year resolutions. Year after year they do it. “I’ll get up early in the morning.” “I must meditate regularly.”...... Not even for three days are they kept." If the courage to change is absent, no progress is possible. Buddha truly experienced a ‘Happy New Year’ when he became Buddha. One day he decided that he wanted some thing else out of life, and having decided, he worked towards it consistently. Thus Siddhartha blossomed into Sri Buddha" - Shri Swami Chinmayananda


A rich man celebrates each day...

A poor man celebrates the New Year once a year. A rich man celebrates each day. But the richest man celebrates every moment. - Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Do not waste time speculating over what would happen in the New Year.

"Do not waste time speculating over what would happen in the New Year. If your actions are good, your future is bound to be good. The future of the nation depends on your actions. God is a witness; He neither protects nor punishes you. Each one is responsible for their pleasure or pain. In this New Year, develop new and sacred feelings and make everybody happy. Do not struggle for money; strive for love. Once you develop love, there will be no scope for evil qualities like anger, jealousy, etc. If your thoughts and actions are good, your future will be good. Then the whole country, nay, the whole world will prosper. Pray for the peace and prosperity of the entire world. Peace can be attained only through the practice of human values" - Shri Satya Sai Baba

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