Creationism Versus Evolutionism: When Will this Debate Ever End?

The longest, most heated debate in the world is studied more closely from different angles.

We could not be luckier here in Kentucky. We are that state that promotes religious quackery. Oh, in case you don't know or are thinking of traveling south to warmer climates, on your way through Kentucky stop and see the Creation Museum. It is our pyramid to primitive faith.

Soon the Museum will serve as host to what some are saying is the debate of the century - Creationism versus Evolutionism. Not since the days of the Scopes Monkey trials has there been another more important debate.

Are you kidding me?

I am so weary of this nonsense. This madness just won't go away, will it?

I suppose not. At least, not as long as there are Christians who mistakenly think that the infallibility of scripture all collapses if Genesis is not regarded as a scientific treatise on the nature and origin of the universe.

The story of Creation in the Genesis account of creation is the story of Adam and Eve, the story of human community. Or, the lack of it.

That's about it.

What the Genesis account is not is a historical account of the creation of the universe.

Why can't puny little minds let this primitive notion go?

You'll have to answer that.

If, however, you were taught in Sunday School, as I was, that Genesis is all about how God created the world in six literal days of 24-hours duration and that Genesis is the explanation about how "original sin" came to be on this planet as a consequence for the sin of Adam and Eve, then you will understand just how conflicted I've been most of my church life after learning the truth that Genesis is not about any of this nonsense at all.

Furthermore, the madness misinformed Christian zealots taught me as an impressionable youth - "brainwashing" might be a better description of it - and so undermined my natural capacity to live by faith by saying stupid things like - "If you don't believe Genesis...if you have doubts about its are not living by faith" and other such maddening and heretical faith statements - then you can understand my consternation over debates like this one that just won't ever go away.

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