Jesus' Tomb and Other Archeological Debates

The 'lost tomb of Jesus' is the latest in a series of controversial finds about Jesus, his family, & his apostles.

Jesus' Tomb

In February 2007, documentary maker Simcha Jacobovici and Oscar-winning director James Cameron announced that their new film, "The Burial Cave of Jesus," reveals that a tomb found in 1980 in Jerusalem belongs to Jesus. Many archaeologists are disputing the claim.

News: Filmmakers Claim Jesus' Tomb Found in Jerusalem


The makers of a new documentary claim that a tomb found in a Jerusalem cave 36 years ago belongs to Jesus Christ.

An Empty Theory and an Empty Tomb

Why should we be skeptical of 'The Lost Tomb of Jesus'? Let us count the ways. By Ben Witherington III

What Do You Think About the "Lost Tomb of Jesus"?

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J-Walking: This Is Not New

The supposed discovery of Jesus' tomb is just a rehash of old accusations made about a tomb discovered 27-years ago. By David Kuo

Discuss: Would Jesus Have Human DNA?

Was Jesus Buried?

A scholar explores what might have happened to the body of a crucified criminal in Roman practice. By John Dominic Crossan

Paul's Tomb
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