How to Let Go and Forgive

How To Let Go and Forgive

Soul Exercises

By Frank Desiderio, CSP

You've been hurt and you've got a grudge. The other person goes on with their life and you are stuck with a big corrosive resentment that's eating you up. Everybody says, "just let go!" But how do you do it? And why should you try?

Find out why to forgive and how to start.

Rev. Frank Desiderio, CSP, is a teacher and a spiritual guide. Through his work as priest, campus minister, preacher, chaplain, poet and producer of film, TV and radio, he strives to connect people with the experience of a loving God in mediums both secular and sacred.

He leads a national program of practical and transformational retreats and seminars focused on forgiveness, How to Let Go of a Grudge, based on the award-winning documentary he executive produced, The Big Question: A Film About Forgiveness.

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