Catholic Church in Crisis

News coverage and Beliefnet articles on the clergy sexual abuse scandals rocking America's Catholic Church.

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"The Catholic Church's Watergate" (Summer 2002)
Beliefnet's interview with Catholic League's President William Donohue reveals a typically staunch defender of the Church indicting it instead. (Spring 2002)

Spring 2002: Pope Denounces Sex Abuse
In an annual letter to priests, Pope John Paul II says the current "scandal" casts a "dark shadow" on all priests.

Spring 2002: U.S. Bishops' Conference Issues Formal Apology

  • Full text of Bishop Gregory's statement
  • Restoring Trust: The Response to Sexual Abuse
    Op-ed piece by the Chairman of the Bishops' Ad Hoc Committee on Sexual Abuse

    Nuns Call for Reform in Wake of Abuse Crisis (August 2002)

    Opinion Polls for Catholics: Cast Your Votes
    Have you decreased your contributions to diocesan collections? Has your priest preached about the scandals? Beliefnet invites Catholic users to respond to polls.

    Spring 2002: Cardinal Law Should Resign
    Even conservative Catholics agree that some prelates have failed God's children. By Charlotte Hays
  • Poll for All Users: Should Law resign?

    Another Look at Cardinal Law
    Do Law's actions rise to that level of offense for which resignation is the only recourse? To analogize from politics, Nixon's cover-up of Watergate did rise to that level, Clinton's cover-up of Monica did not.

    What the Media Is Missing
    In focusing on the admittedly terrible events of the past, the press is not covering systemic changes the Church made in the 1990s to combat clergy sex abuse. By Bishop Joseph Galante, member of the Catholic Bishops' Ad Hoc Committee on Sexual Abuse

    Spring 2002: An Ecclesiastical Enron
    Molesters and sexual deviants among the Catholic clergy, episcopal negligence and coverups, stonewalling chanceries and empty claims that at long last the Church is going to clean house: This is not a new story. And that is the real scandal. By Rod Dreher

    Spring 2002: Odd Attempts to 'Explain' the Pedophilia Crisis
    Both liberals and conservatives are playing the blame game--and are usually way off the mark. By Eugene Kennedy

    Spring 2002: For Catholics, a Special Kind of Horror
    Pedophile priests: The phrase brings instant and visceral reaction: anger, revulsion, fear. For all people of goodwill, it's a dual tragedy: the violation of a child and the betrayal of a trust.

    Chicago Cardinal's 'Sexist' Comments Anger Critics (April 26)

    February 2002: How Should Catholics Respond to the Scandals?
    The great St. Francis of Assisi lived in a time of terrible immorality in Italy. Priests were setting horrible example. Lay immorality was even worse. Then, as now, the only adequate response was holiness.

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