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AAASmall Children
All those children who have been sexually abused or exploited in the world

This prayer circle is dedicated to the most vulnerable of all our children: the sexually abused and exploited. Our urgent prayers are needed to contain the disease of peadophilia that is spreading throughout our world.

Dear Lord,

I pray a most urgent prayer for all of the young people in this world who are suffering at the hands of adults for their own sinister sexual pleasure. Please help free our most vulnerable children from the horrors they may be experiencing. I would also like to pray for the healing of those who are engaging in paedophilic acts. Help them to find your awesome healing power to contain their desires and to seek to be better people. Oh dear Lord, please hear my prayer and all the prayers of people who seek to the end of suffering for our greatest gift from you: our children. Thank you Lord for sending your healing power. In the name of our dear Lord, Jesus Christ.

ipm -2/26/2001
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4/23/2002 10:13

Dear Father Mother God, Please help us all to see that our purity is in tact, that it is a part of us, our identity, and that as your perfect child, we can listen to your voice, follow your leadings, and free ourselves of the fear, and errors of abusive situations. We forgive our enemies, when we realize the omnipotence and all loving nature that you, God, control and live our lives for us. We are also grateful that this problem has come to the surface, and hope that a greater spirituality comes from this time of cleansing. Thank you.

5/2/2002 11:14

I pray for every child that has been abused one way or the other. Envelope them in your love & give them your comfort. Spread upon them at this moment your healing balm & grant them total healing oh God. Let them be healed, body, spirit & soul.
For those that have so wronged them Lord we also pray for their healing - these are very sick people. We also pray for their deliverance.
Thank you God for hearing us.

5/5/2002 20:38

I am a "survivor" of childhood sexual abuse at the hands of my step-father. I was abused from age 6-15. I didn't tell anyone about the abuse until I was in my 30's, when I was finally diagnosed as bi-polar and suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. I have always been a Christian, and we pretended to be the perfect Chrisian family. I played the part, as did my abuser. It has affected my life in ways that you can never imagine. My prayer is that no children ever have to dread those footsteps down the hall, and the turning of the doorknob in the middle of the night. I pray they don't learn to pretend it isn't happening. Give them the strength to speak out, and to know that the blame belongs on the abuser and not on the child. I still fight the blame, the shame, and the guilt, even 41 years after the fact. I finally confronted him when I was 38, and he admitted to the abuse. I cut off all contact, my mother divorced him, and I have done my best as a Christian to forgive and move on in my life. I believe that God can and does change lives, and I pray that the abusers will see the damage they do to children and will repent and change their lives, before they destroy anymore children. With God all things are possible. I still see a psychiatrist, and a therapist to deal with the guilt and pain. I don't want anyone to ever suffer like I did.

5/6/2002 19:34

Lord God,

I join in prayer to help pray for those who've prayed to You for comfort, justice and peace for all abused and exploited children. Lord help us as a people. Help us to realize that our future is in our children. Being a mother scares me in this day and time. Yet, I'll put my faith in You. Mark us and our children sacred to You.

In Jesus Christ,

5/14/2002 03:43

My heart breaks for the children. I too was abused as a child. Now I am in my recovery years... preceeded by a lifetime of not being able to trust anyone or form any kind of relationships with others. It is sad that as a child you really have no where to go or someone to turn to for fear of being betrayed again. I pray for streangth for the children and grace to overcome. I also pray for the ones who harm them... that God in His mercy will intercept them and turn them around. Even if it means a prison cell

5/16/2002 00:23

Dearest Lord Jesus, We pray in Your Holy Name for protection for these children. May the ones in authority see the damage that can come from exposing the children to the molester before he is prosecuted and has received treatment. Let the little ones only see or speak to those who will help and reassure them of hope and healing of the memories of the abuse. Perhaps, Lord a video representation of the children's testimony could be admitted in court. We do trust in You and pray Your will be done. In Your Name, Amen

5/16/2002 01:55

Great Spirit: I pray all those children and adults who were sexually abused as children be granted your grace and protection. Their way will be long and hard. Please send them the love and guidance that they will need to heal from such heinous crimes. My heart cries to hear of these things, because I too was so abused and I hate to think that this still goes on. My dearest wish is that one day there will be no more children or adults who will have to suffer such indignities. Until that day, Spirit, I pray for your blessings on all of us. And pray also for the perpetrators so that they may one day realize the tremendous harms they have done and feel the guilt and sorrow that their victims have had to carry for so long. Blessed Be.

5/16/2002 09:43

Dearest God, I pray that you will be with the children that suffer this hellish thing. It is ugly and evil and the person that suffers it seems all alone, but God you are there ready, willing and able to sustain them. Please Dear Lord, heal the misery of the children. I pray that the abusers will find you too, and that you can save them. Lord there is abuse in many forms, on the air-ways, on the TV screens, in magazines, books and on the internet, but God you are able to break any bondage that ensnares or traps the defenseless. Release the bonds and set the oppressed free. I ask it all in the name above all names. The One who sacrificed his life so that we might live. The One that is able to pay the price, for the wages of sin is death, but he paid the price gladly. I ask it in Jesus's precious and holy name. Thank you God for hearing this prayer this day, 5/15/2002.

5/18/2002 13:03

To All who have sent their thoughts and prayers as one who has lived through this nightmare, thank you.I felt the healing begin within me and all my hopes,prayers and love to those who read this after me that they will receive the same. Blessings be.

5/28/2002 19:52

I was sexually abused as a child. From the age of 2 till around 11/12. I didn't remember my abuse until i turned 30... memories and flashbacks started hitting me out of nowhere. Father, i pray for the grown men/women who are survivors of sexual abuse/incest. Father i pray you touch their souls, give them strentgh and courage to face these awful demons and cobwebs in their minds. i pray for all the little ones who are going thru what i went thru as a child, and worse. Please be with these children Lord, take their minds to happier places Lord, like you did mine. Please keep them safe Father, protect them, let them feel your love, even tho they are surrounded by evil. Please help me to stay strong Father, please help me to overcome my abuse, and help those who are hurting and in need.. use me in anyway you will to help these poor people Lord, in Jesus Precious name i pray, Amen.

5/28/2002 20:51

I pray for peace of mind and spirit. a deep inner calm that helps heal everyone's wounds and bring them closer to our Universal spirit known as God. I pray we all come together as one and end all of this pain. I pray we as people can provide a world for children.. a safe, nurturing, effective, positive world that can help them grow into positive adults

I spread the energy of love and kindness toe veryone who needs it most

5/29/2002 08:19

i was a victim of abuse as a child and when i was 50 yrs old i discovered one of my daughters was too. but we are survivors. u can be too thank you

5/31/2002 01:51

I pray today, as I have prayed all my life for this horror to stop. I came out of a family where physical,sexual mental & emotional abuse occurred on a daily basis, and I know first hand the impact it plays on one's life. All the justice in the world can't ever turn back the clock and take away the ongoing pain, recurring nightmares, depression, isolation, loneliness and overwhelming sadness & fear that overshadows my life to this day. These are acts so inexplicably vile, that no one, unless they themselves have lived through it, can ever begin to understand in even the most minute way, the lasting trauma this has on ones life. I pray for any & all of the children today that even at this very minute may be suffering at the hands of one of these deviants. I also pray for everyone that has suffered through a childhood of abuse, and is now an adult struggling with the aftermath. My hope, love and prayers go out to you all, (especially my two Heroine' 2 sisters)

5/31/2002 19:26


6/3/2002 22:48

I pray for strength & courage for every child & adult survivor who has had to endure the Hell that their perpetrator had put them through. My love hope goes out to you all. [Especially, my beautiful Mother & Aunts.] ~May karma punish these evil bastards.

6/4/2002 01:12

my sons were perpertrated almost a year ago with the acts continuing with my oldest by my ex-husband's g/f's son...I myself know first hand the feeling of fear at night and praying that the person would not heart breaks for my sons and my oldest to have to live in fear in his own home with no one to protect him...I pray that he will be able to be strong enough to come through this knowing it was not his or his brother's fault..that they were/are the victims...I pray that I can be strong enough for them...I am so proud of him for coming forward with what was happening and now I pray that the legal system will protect him as his father did not.....In Jesus name I pray...Amen

6/4/2002 13:24

You are immersed in God's healing love which renews you in body,mind, and spirit. Christ in you frees you from all limitation and through the healing activity of divine love within you, you are totally well and strong. in the name and through the power of the living and loving christ presence, amen.

6/7/2002 16:14

This Prayer Circle topic had caught me eye. I myself was sexually abused by my step-father from age 3-12. Like most children who have been abused I didnt tell anyone until I was twelve years old. Nothing got done to my step-father. My mother was there when some of the instances happened and she is in denial, along with my oldest sister. They still to this day think that I made it up. I thought it was my faught for a while, but after years of counseling and the help of the Lord, I have gotten through the sexual abuse. I am 21 now and have never spoken to my step-father about what he had done, they live in a different state anyway. I just sent him a letter last month telling him off, about how I feel and that I might not have been able to prosicute him on earth, but when he passes he will have to answer to the Lord about what he has done to me and my sisters and brother (yes he molested them too). Now my mother just recently divorced him and he got full custody of the 2 twin 12-year old girls, and 15 year-old boy. So, please pray for them too. I send a prayer out to the Lord to please help all the children who are or who have been sexually abused. Lord please watch over them, and help them through each situation. Hopefully their pain will end from the sexual abuse. Thank you Lord, for helping me as well. I am passing your blessing Lord onto the other children/people who have been throught this horrible experience. In Jesus name we pray..Amen.

6/8/2002 00:21

I am 47 and still in therapy recovering from sexual abuse from my step-father. People never realize what a lasting effect this abuse has on children. There are threats not to tell. Children are confused and feel guilty. This is often carried over into adulthood and comes out later in life, as it did for me. I kept the secret until I was 37 years old, and then I had a nervous breakdown. The stress of the abuse caused a breakdown, which lead to bi-polar disorder. I tried from age 6 on to kill myself. I was pronounced dead too many times to count. But each time, I was brought back from death. I haven't been hospitalized since October, 2000, so I've been stabilized with medication. I see my psychiatrist, my therapist, and attend day treatment programs for my disorders. My abuser was never punished, but I know that God will be the final judge. I'm still working through issues, but I have tried to forgive him. This is very hard. I've heard it said, "Forgive and Forget", "Relive and Regret". I will continue to pray for everyone who has suffered from abuse of any kind.

6/8/2002 17:01

there is no end to the story of abused children...I have now found out that there was much more to my son's story then what he shared with me...but now he has the issue of his father not believing him and making him feel unloved or wanted because he came forth...I ask you Lord for strength for my sons to be able to talk to someone that will help them and that the effects of this will not be everlasting...give my youngest son the strength to come forward and my oldest son the strength to continue believing that I am beside him and will always believe in him and again am so proud that he told what he did..for now hopefully he can sleep in peace and no God's name we pray...Amen

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