The Do-It-Yourself Catholic Church

Find the Roman Catholic Church too liberal--or too conservative? Not to worry. There's a splinter group for every taste.

Reprinted from Crisis magazine with permission.

In this article:
On the Left: "Alternative" Services, "Parallel" Churches
On the Right: No More "Hootenanny Masses"

The map at the subway station on Manhattan's East Side shows it as St. Michael's Liberal Catholic Church. Liberal Catholic church? What does that mean-a statue of the archangel wearing a "Hillary for Senate" button? I look for Gothic spires off Lexington Avenue and East 53rd Street, where the listing in the phone book for St. Michael's tells me I should be this Sunday morning. Instead, I'm on a block that's home to a drug rehabilitation center, an adult video store, several restaurants, and a Japanese society that seems to be teaching that man is divine. And it turns out that the address given for St. Michael's is actually that of the Quest Book Shop, literary purveyor to the New Age.

Be Your Own Pope

If you don't care for the current pope, why not take on the job yourself? For tips, meet Pope Michael of Kansas and Pope Pius XIII of Montana. Photos and sermons included.


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