Glenn Beck Versus Social Justice

A fellow Mormon explains why, contrary to Glenn Beck's advice, she won't leave her social justice church.

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Mormon social justice happens in every congregation of our church. On the first Sunday of each month, I’m invited to a welfare meeting where about eight members of my ward (local congregation), including the bishop, discreetly discuss the needs of church members who are struggling and require assistance. These needs vary widely, from a middle-class family that is temporarily out of work to more chronic cases of systemic urban poverty.

The money to help them comes from Mormon fast offerings, which we collect once a month when the whole denomination abstains from food and water for 24 hours. These donations have created one of the largest private welfare systems in the world—which must be an embarrassment to you, since you’re so opposed to welfare programs. Our LDS Humanitarian fund has also donated over half a billion dollars to disaster relief, and the program keeps growing.

It’s all wrapped up in that hymn we often sing: “Because I have been given much, I too must give.” Most Mormons could and should do more to live out the ideals of that song, and of our heritage. I know I ought to. But you most of all, Glenn. You most of all.

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