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'Amazing Race' (CBS)

amazing race

This serial Emmy-winning game show, which pits a cornucopia of couples against each other in a race around the globe, features inspirational storylines every year—most through manipulative casting: Luke's deaf! Kelly has a learning disability! And so on.

But for sheer aw-shucks niceness, it's hard to top two teams from Season 10 in 2006: The Cho Brothers and Kentuckians David and Mary. The teams were about as close to Mother Teresa as reality TV allows, helping their competitors at every globe-trotting turn. The Chos even saved the Kentucky couple from early elimination by helping them win a race stage.

Neither team won, but they stuck around for a while and walked away with their dignity intact. The Cho Brothers even started their own business dedicated to "inspiring people to do kind things for others," according to their MySpace site. Who says nice guys finish last?

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