The NHL's Mike Fisher Talks Faith, Trials and Missions

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Could you share tips on how to achieve your dreams?

MF: God gave me a gift and everyone is gifted differently. But it’s as though using those gifts for him and kind of recognizing that and giving him the glory and I think just I’ve been very fortunate. And I wanted to share a little bit of my story with kids to encourage them to don’t be afraid and to live out your faith and talk about it. That’s a big part of who you are. That’s what you need to do and not be ashamed. And I was made fun of a little bit when I was a kid, but I think that really pushed me to want to be able to play hockey and play hard, not be soft and play a physical game and show people that if you’re a Christian you can still be competitive. Keep God in the center at all times because if he’s in the center of everything, everything else just falls into place. And it doesn’t mean it’s easy but he helps you along the way.

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