Committed to Faith: A Capella Group Inspires

Committed is riding a wave of success since winning NBC's The Sing-Off. Theron "Therry" Thomas, one of the group's outstanding tenors, talked with us about their faith and their desire to inspire others.

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Do you enjoy performing live or recording more?

I would have to say I like being in the studio, but I don’t know. I love being in the studio and performing live. It’s two different experiences.

What was it like working with the judges from the Sing-Off (Shawn Stockman of Boyz II Men, Nicole Scherzinger of Pussycat Dolls, and Ben Folds)?

Oh they are awesome, awesome people. They were great judges, they were honest. They were really cool people on and off the stage. Even until now we see them and we talk like regular friends instead of contestant and judge.


How did you all go about selecting the songs?

Well it wasn’t completely in our control, but for sure we didn’t want anything that was out of our character. We’re a Christian band. We’re not gospel artists, but we’re not completely about sex either (laughs). So you know, it’s about finding that balance. We have our Christian music but we also have our inspirational music. [There are] songs about doing anything, you know, that you can do anything with love if you put your mind to it. And we have songs about heartbreak, and some covers. It’s a little bit of everything, we just wanted to show all sides of us.



Has it been a challenge to learn how to perform the songs that were new for the album?

It was actually a really good thing, we’re doing things with new ears and filling [the songs] out in different ways than we are used to. Used to we would just do six parts with “oohs” and “ahs,” and now we have instrumentation and different percussion instruments, so it’s been fun and a great experience developing that.

Did you get to record any of the vocal instruments?

I didn’t do as many because a lot of times I was doing the lead. There were a lot of instruments though. There was guitar, and Tommy does a lot of the vocal percussion. Snare, hi hats, cymbals, all that stuff.

What kind of music inspired the group while making this album?

I don’t know, I don’t think there is just one genre of music that we listen to. So, I can’t even pin point, everything that we listen to influenced us.

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