A Journey to the Mission Field

Read to find out what inspired Blessid Union of Souls to abandon their fame as secular musical artists to embrace the Christian music scene.

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What challenges do you face as an artist?

The challenges I face as an artist [are] creating the songs, [the] direction and integrity of the songs and making sure that it’s something that I don’t feel uncomfortable [performing]. So in trying to stay true to the art of what I do, it’s somewhat of a challenge in the studio because –you can get into the studio and get lost in [the] different music you grew up listening too and the kind of music you want to see yourself playing.

Do you feel like it's challenging, as an artist, to keep the Christian message fresh and applicable to everyone, but at the same time but keep it exciting and relevant?

Yes I think so because I’m a song writer first. I just let the song write itself and then within the production of the song keep it interesting, relevant [but] at the same time, keep the message. That is a challenge in itself. I want to bring every element to the song.

How do you plan on keeping your focus on Christ with the rising fame and attention?

I’m just a normal guy. I really don’t over think that. We’ve been on roller coaster where things were up and down.  It’s a catch 22 in the sense. If the songs get popular enough then it’s probably going to come in some form or fashion but that’s really not going to change me at all. I guess I’m confident in that because I shun away from that anyway. You always think you’re mentally prepared for [the challenge] but you have to stay in prayer about it.


Has it been a challenge balancing family life with your music life?

Oh yes. I’ve been doing it pretty much all my life. I’ve been finding a way to [balance my music life with family life.] When I come home, I’m not a musician. I’m just dad to my kids and husband to my wife.

Do you ever feel there’s a time when it’s appropriate to blur the lines between the sacred and the secular? For example, if an opportunity will present itself for you to be on a record with a well loved secular artist, would you do it for the sake of reaching out to a wider audience?

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