Taking Jesus from the Bible to the Big Screen

Mark Burnett rejoins actress and wife Roma Downey in "Son of God."

Cee Lo Green’s version of Mary, did you know? played during the credits of the “Son of God,” a film detailing the life of Jesus Christ. During the prescreening events in 20 cities, many in the audience wept, according to the creators. Not just from the lyrics, but by observing the Savior’s life unfold so dramatically across the screen.

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“People are just sitting back stunned,” said TV producer Mark Burnett, who believes that Biblical-based films can reach all denominations. “After they gathered their thoughts, there’s a huge standing ovation. We know the movie will stand the test of time. It’s beautiful, and a great tool for churches to encourage people to get to know Jesus.”

Burnett rejoins actress and wife Roma Downey on the heels of the “The Bible,” a 10-part miniseries that aired on The History Channel last spring where over 12 million people tuned into the premiere. Portuguese actor Diogo Morgado will reprise his role as Jesus in “Son of God.”


After the scenes were constructed for “The Bible,” the duo realized they also had a feature film with additional unseen footage.

“We said we wished it could be a film because it was so beautiful and we planned to do some version of this for the big screen. We put it together as a two hour stand alone experience, we had no idea whether we would get distribution for it or not.”

Twentieth Century Fox agreed to distribute the picture and it will be the first motion picture about the life of Jesus since “Passion of the Christ,” 10 years ago.

“And we just know that’s a God thing,” said Downey who plays Jesus’ mother Mary. “It couldn’t have started its life and become this big beautiful feature film if it didn’t have God all over it.”

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