Best Spiritual Performance of 2008


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Meet Our Winners for Best Spiritual Performance

Beliefnet Film Award Winners

It takes a special kind of actor to pull off a difficult role—a role by which their subsequent performances will inevitably be judged. The five actors we've nominated for the Beliefnet Film Award (BFA) for Best Spiritual Performance have each portrayed their characters so powerfully that they not only "made" the movies they starred in, but touched our souls in such a way that we will never forget them. We may struggle to be more like the character--or hope never to endure the internal struggles that the character portrayed so well on the big screen. Either way, they've left their mark.

Click through this gallery to learn which performance won the Judges' Award and which received the People's Choice Award, voted on by you. Also watch videos and read about the other performances that were nominated in this category. And the winners of the Best Spiritual Performance of the Year are....

--Text by Dena Ross

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