Queen Latifah, Dolly Parton Make a “Joyful Noise” in Hollywood

What happens when you mix old school with a bigger than life persona? You inherit a vast amount of sass and craziness in the economically stressed town of Pacashau, Georgia. Queen Latifah and Dolly Parton team up where the satire is fierce, so is the music in Joyful Noise, a new film based on a gospel choir looking to capture a national competition.

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QL: Absolutely and for me…

DP: Hallelujah!

QL: There she goes… She’s going to get those tongues going now! You all think I’m playing.

QL: For me I must say that I appreciated being part of a film where the word “God” or you can say “Jesus”. I’ve been doing this for a while now and so often I see the word “Jesus”, the name “Jesus” rather or the word “God” omitted or changed. Everyone is trying to placate to every religion or non religious person or Christian or Jewish or Muslim or atheist. It’s always got to be this broad brush painted for everyone. And it was just refreshing to do a movie that is based in Christianity for a change. To be able to really enjoy that, to enjoy the music, to enjoy the faith… It was nice to go to work sometimes and realize I’m playing this role and being inspired by this role and kind of hear, hear God talk to me during a movie in this way.


Fix me Jesus was authentic [Latifah sang this solo]. Can you talk about that scene?

QL: You have no idea. Yeah. I believe it was authentic. I definitely have my own issues that I deal with in life--my own challenges that I face. My mom was even hospitalized during the filming of this movie so. Times like that you know you really… when you’re feeling kind of low—it’s just like that… I felt Vi Rose. What she was going through was easy for me to kind of sort of be a conduit because I have my own challenges that I was facing in life. I was talking to God myself. You know, “Fix me Jesus.”


The food fight scene…

QL: That was my favorite. I mean Jesus is cool and all, but having Dolly in a headlock was the best thing ever.


DP: We spent a day and a half doing this. We were sliding all over floor….

QL: I was gentle.

DP: I was like please be gentle. Don’t break my hair… I am all about a laugh. I’m all about what’s going to make the people come see it. I don’t care if she breaks my neck if we get the scene right. Oh, she really got into it. I said “I think your getting to serious about this.”

QL: Well you were kind of good throwing those hard rolls too! She’s got a good arm.

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