Inside Islam: What A Billion Muslims Really Think

This documentary examines the data gathered by a Gallup poll intended to gather the thoughts of Muslims worldwide.  Subjects ranged from American thoughts on Islam to gender roles, and everything in between.  The results are interesting, and so are the experts who the filmmakers gathered from across the world.

The Message

A 1976 film that chronicles the prophet Mohammad’s life and the beginnings of Islam.  Interestingly, the film doesn’t depict the prophet, but rather hints at his presence via an organ sound.  All in all, a unique take on the beginnings of the religion.

Kite Runner

This drama, set in Afghanistan, depicts the lives of two boys who must deal with the chaotic reality of their lives in a falling society.  Intense, dramatic, and thought-provoking, it will stay with you after viewing.

Children of Heaven

A Iranian film about the bond of two children and the significance of a pair of shoes.  It is equal parts heartwarming and sobering, reminding us of all that we are blessed with and of the realities that children face all over the world.

My Name Is Khan

This 2010 Hindu film follows the life of a Muslim man, and his eventual marriage to a Hindu woman.  Khan has many unique gifts, but finds his life drastically changed by the events of September 11th.


A critique of Islamic extremism from an Islamic perspective, this independent film follows an African American Muslim family in a post 9/11 world. 

'Flags of Our Fathers'
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