For Greater Glory: A Movie For the World

Check out our review and interviews with Andy Garcia and the cast of the new faith inspired film For Greater Glory!

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The movie was shot on location at many of the places where actual events took place, which is an effort that came with great risks and great rewards. It wouldn’t be a stretch to label some of the circumstances of the shooting as extraordinary. First time director Dean Wright remembered some of the tougher moments: “There were no covered sets, which meant we were exposed to the weather. We finished on schedule to the day. We left his incredible place where the camp was, the next day the hurricane went through. We were [in a city] for two and a half weeks, the day after we left the road collapsed, there was no way in or out. That’s the kind of… protection we had.”

Andy Garcia and Mauricio Kuri

Mauricio Kuri, the teenage actor who played the youngest member of the Cristeros army, reflected on the other events surrounding the film: “God arranges things, God works in mysterious ways.” Mauricio doesn’t believe in coincidences, and it surely seems that divine intervention played a role in him landing the part of Jose Luis Sanchez. In only his second movie and first starring role he manages to steal several scenes while playing the dedicated small-town boy who becomes an essential part of the resistance. He was discovered in the harrowing final days of a long, worldwide casting search. “We couldn’t find Jose, we couldn’t find him,” said Dean Wright. They were getting nervous as the shooting date loomed closer and closer. Mauricio’s audition began as more of a favor for a friend, but it became much more than that. After he did the scenes, Dean recalls that they all looked at each other and said “It’s no question, he is Jose.”


“He’s a very smart actor, he doesn’t need a lot of help from me,” said Andy Garcia, “He’s a very talented kid so it was a joy.” In order to get ready for the role Mauricio studied the characters’ history, took classes in Bible, went on missions, and found ways to grow in his own religion. His character became an inspiration for his own life: “He was fourteen and he was willing to give his life for Christ? Would I have done the same thing in those times?” said Mauricio, “He’s Mexican, and I thought, why don’t people know about him, because his life is beautiful!”

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