Top 10 Movies About Love


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Top 10 Movies to Put Your Faith in Love

The Last Song

By Dena Ross

Sometimes, even when life's going pretty well, there's nothing more satisfying than crawling into a little ball on the couch with a blanket, a box of tissues, and movie that makes you think about—and probably makes you shed some tears over-- the power of love. And I'm not just referring to romantic love. The platonic love of family and friends can be just as touching and compelling in a great film.

"The Last Song," a film starring Miley Cyrus and Greg Kinnear based on the best-selling Nicolas Sparks novel, focuses on an estranged father trying to reconnect with his teenage daughter through a mutual love of music. Besides the heartfelt father-daughter connection, this movie also tackles first loves, second chances and salvation. The film releases March 31, 2010.

Perhaps "The Last Song" will become one of your new go-to films when you need a little comfort and inspiration.

Check out my 10 favorite movies about love, and post your own favorites in the comments box below.

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Dena Ross is the Entertainment Editor at Beliefnet. You can follow her on Twitter @BnetEntertain

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