11 Memorable Movie Nuns

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Sister Luke in 'The Nun's Story' (1959)

The Nun's Story

Bergman was initially approached for the main role in this movie, too, but the part of Sister Luke—a nun struggling with her order's strict vows—eventually fell to Audrey Hepburn. "Story" didn’t wrestle with religion as much as it asked whether God might sometimes be better served outside a convent. "When I have night duty I break the Grand Silence because I can no longer cut short a talk with a patient who seems to need me," Sister Luke says. "Mother, why must God's helpers be struck dumb by five bells in the very hours when men in trouble want to talk about their souls?"

The film earned eight Academy Award nominations, including one for Hepburn, but they didn't come without controversy: Sister Luke, shall we say, kicks the habit in the end, which some in the Catholic Church surmised might be bad for recruitment.

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