Denzel Washington's Ministry of Movies

The star tells us how he studies the Bible daily, prays every morning and night, and sees his films as a form of preaching.

Denzel Washington

Denzel Washington is one of America's

most beloved

and critically acclaimed actors. A two-time Academy Award winner, Washington this week received a Golden Globe nomination for his role in "American Gangster," which also was a nominee for best drama, along with Washington's most recent film, "

The Great Debaters

." His second directorial effort, "The Great Debaters" also stars Washington as Mel Tolson, a professor at a small African-American college in 1930s Texas who coaches the school's debate team to national prominence while also working as a union organizer on the side.


Listed second on Beliefnet's "

Most Powerful Christians in Hollywood

" list, Washington also lent his voice to "The Bible Experience," an audio Bible featuring some of the country's top African-American stars. He spoke with Beliefnet about his relationship with God, a long-ago prophecy about his career, and why he made a film about a debate team.

Listen to Denzel Washington:
My Work Is My Ministry
My Favorite Prayer
What Inspires Me

Why did you make a movie about a debate team?

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