In Love with a Real Doll

Actor Ryan Gosling and director Craig Gillespie talk to Beliefnet about faith, family, and their film 'Lars and the Real Girl.'

Video: Meet Bianca, the 'Real Girl'

Plus: Watch Another Clip: A Church Meeting

On paper, the plot of the film "Lars and the Real Girl" might sound off-putting: It's a story about a man who falls in love with, and carries on a relationship with, a life-sized doll he buys off the internet. On the screen, however, the movie is a touching and hopeful story of the love not only of a man and a doll but of a whole community, which decides to accept Lars for who he is. The movie's star Ryan Gosling and director Craig Gillespie sat down with Beliefnet to talk about family, faith, and treating a doll like a fellow cast member.


In one scene, Lars' fellow church members have a meeting to decide what to do about Bianca, the name of the doll, and they decide to accept her. Did you want to make the church members sympathetic?

CG: This movie is about community, the opportunity to be part of a community. I wanted to portray the parishioners in a realistic way. It isn't unusual [for people to be accepting], it's just unusual in film. In real life, there's always family drama going on. In my mind, there’s no such thing as a normal family. This is just a more absurd case of that. You never shut the door on people, you try to help them. The movie deals with the innate goodness of people, and in life I find that’s actually more true than not. People genuinely want to help each other and do right by each other.

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