Many religious groups and individuals have created new liturgies to mark the anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks. We invite you to read these selections--some are written specifically for 9/11, others are suggested scriptural readings for the day--and to consider them for use in your own anniversary services. You can also submit your own suggestions for anniversary readings.

Christian Prayers

Christian hymns and litanies written by individuals, plus specific prayers and readings from Catholic, Greek Orthodox, and Episcopal churches. Read litanies here.

Hindu Prayer

A prayer for the anniversary of September 11 from the Hindu Temple Society of North America. Read prayer here.

Jewish Prayers

Prayers and litanies written by individuals and suggested by Jewish denominations and organizations. Read prayers here.

Muslim Prayers

A prayer written by two Muslims for the September 11 anniversary and distributed widely in the Muslim community, plus a suggested short reading from the Qur'an. Read prayers here.

Pagan Ritual

A ritual and prayer, based on Irish tradition, for commemorating those who died on September 11, 2001. Read it here.

Secular Readings

Suggested readings for the September 11 anniversary from the Council for Secular Humanism. Read them here.

Create Your Own Liturgy

Many congregations, denominations, and other groups have made additional resources for creating September 11 anniversary services available online.

Words of Hope, Comfort, and Mourning

Beliefnet's collection of words of mourning and solace from many different faith traditions. Plus: Suggested words of comfort from Beliefnet members.

Submit Your Own

What words will you be reciting on the anniversary of September 11? Have you written a special prayer to commemorate the day? Share it with other Beliefnet readers here.

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