Born-Again 'Battlestar'

Drawing from Mormonism, Roman polytheism, and even Buddhism, the reimagined sci-fi TV series is steeped in religion.

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"The very porousness of the show with regards to how people interpret it is actually a very healthy thing. In a culture where we are so programmed into thinking of spiritual and religious things in these incredibly simple-minded, fundamentalist ways, the level of ambiguity that a show like `Battlestar Galactica' allows in is a healthy thing."

"The show is really supposed to be about us," concludes Moore, the show's developer/producer. "It's really about what we go through today in our society and political structure. Hopefully, the show is able to examine those things from a different perspective without making it as simple as 'the Cylons are Al Qaeda and Laura Roslin is George Bush.' We try to make it more complex than that."

"I think [the show] gives you an easy reference into how an entire culture, or entire group of people, can believe in something so fervently that seems so unfathomable," Moore adds. "Religion is used in various guises, in things good and evil."

Frank talk about religion is still a dicey topic for entertainment, according to Syracuse's Thompson. "'Battlestar Galactica' gets away with it because it's happening on another planet, in another time."

"For all of its kind of modest television, Sci Fi Channel sort of thing," continues Thompson, "'Battlestar Galactica' really tweaks some of these very large questions and issues in a way that much more serious programs don't."

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