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What do Pagans and other Beliefnet members think about Potter?

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(post #126). "Those of us who are not lukewarm recognize that kids getting obsessively involved with the whole Harry Potter thing, are subjecting themselves to views and situations that fly in the face of what is good and pure. Harry's supposedly good, but he lies, cheats and steals to get what he wants. Great example."

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While Pagans celebrate TV shows like "Buffy," "Sabrina," "Xena," and "Charmed," as hopeful signs, evangelicals are even more adamant that their values be respected--"just like Pagans wouldn't want their children to see Christian-based films,"

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(post #275). Devout Christian parents feel they are losing control over what their children are exposed to. "Society at large is being desensitized and conditioned to the acceptance, embracing, and glorification of witchcraft and occult philosophies and ideas," says

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