'Board' with Potter

What do Pagans and other Beliefnet members think about Potter?

BY: Paul O'Donnell


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A Catholic Buddhist named


sees Potter as a test of one's faith: "To say that it corrupts one's faith is to say one's faith is weak. To villify secular traditions is to doubt the strength of spiritual traditions."

Agrees redkim

, "I'm afraid that by avoiding it, you are giving it the power it's not really seeking

." (post #310)

The most common cry on the boards, no matter what the member's faith, was: "It's just a book!" But the controversy is an important one to many readers because it concerns not just their beliefs, but their children's well-being. "Though there may be nothing harmful in the general themes of Harry Potter, it is that I see no profit in it,"

says one Christian

(post #24). "I would much rather a Christian child read something that would at least edify their Christian spirit as entertain them solely for the purpose of entertainment's sake."

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At bottom, the Potter controversy is about a bigger question about the culture around us. Should we protect our children from what the culture pumps out? Can we, and if so, how? One sensible-sounding recommendation

came from RDAD

: "My children are curious to see the movie and i will go with them. We may get up and leave before the end or watch it and fully discuss its effect on us at home."

Others put their trust in the magic of the movies, or fiction itself. "I believe that, just like you and me, [children] go to a movie for sheer entertainment (and of course the hot tamales and big popcorn), not to figure out the meaning of life," says


(post #321). "I know my six year old knows the difference between fact and fiction, real life and movies." "'Harry Potter' is terrific-at least for kids,"

amenset chimed in

(post #25), "but I think there are certain adults who


should be prevented from reading the books."

But what will they talk about this weekend? Maybe they can get together with

TristanFlame, who admits

, "I have a true confession about the Harry Potter books though - LOL - and I KNOW that people will hate me for this - but, well, um, uh, er, ah, well, I found them boring. Now THAT'S evil."

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