'Board' with Potter

What do Pagans and other Beliefnet members think about Potter?

This article originally appeared on Beliefnet in 2001.

This weekend, whether you believe in the Harry Potter's magic or not, you're bound to run up against the fictional preteen's all-consuming power. Televisions, billboards, even your local fast-food joint are already teeming with Potter come-ons. By Saturday, reporters will be accosting blinking Potter fans outside movie theaters to record their judgments. Monday we count the box-office.

This is all the standard hype. Peculiar to Harry, however, is the smattering of stories about Christian fears about Potter and Paganism. "I will not allow my daughter to see this film because I feel it has pagan teachings,"

writes theblessed7


(See post #275). But rarely are we told how Wiccans and other Pagans feel about being identified with the staff at Hogwarts.

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