Bestselling author tells Oprah she's battling cancer, but not mad at God

The co-writer of "The Shadow Effect" with Deepak Chopra and Marianne Williamson and "The Dark Side of the Light Chasers" was furious with the Almighty ... at first

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“If we do not confront the past, we inevitably carry it around with us, dragging it into the present and allowing it to set the course for the future. We try to hide our beliefs about who we are, beliefs formed in our past (‘I’m phony,’ ‘I’m stupid,’ ‘I’m worthless,’ ‘I’m unlovable’) which I call ‘Shadow Beliefs.’

“But we seek out experiences that will validate what we believe to be

true about ourselves. When we confront the past and integrate its wisdom, we don’t have to keep repeating the experiences or learning the same lesson over and over in this lifetime.

“Right now, when we hold on to any pain from our past, we look through those lenses, through that set of eyes. When we confront the past, we start to see out of new eyes, eyes of possibility and of freedom.


“I’ve been working with the shadow for 15 years and I can assure you that there is nothing ‘truly terrible’ hidden in the human shadow. The human shadow comes bearing great gifts. It is the fear of the human shadow that keeps it suppressed and hidden and allows it to exert power and control over our lives.

“Bt I’ve never seen the human shadow, when faced and embraced, do anything horrible to anybody. I’ve only ever seen it help people.”

Are there times when it’s best to leave such shadows alone? To move on?


“No,” she says. ”If I have learned one thing working with the shadow all these years, it is ‘What we can’t be with won’t let us be.’ When the shadow is suppressed and ignored, it builds up power and strength, wreaking havoc in our lives. But when we are willing to face the shadow and embrace it by finding its gifts, we are granted the ability to be our most gracious authentic selves and make the best choices.”


Why has she suffered silently with her cancer? Why hasn’t she gone public before?

Working on a project with Beau

“I didn’t want to involve everybody in my personal life,” she admits. “People come to me as a teacher to support them and they would love nothing more than to take the focus off themselves by focusing on me and my needs.

“But they need to work on their own, so I didn’t think it was appropriate to share this information.

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