Facing the Fear with Michelle Aguilar

The winner of the sixth season of the hit show The Biggest Loser talks about her faith, her time on the show, and her path to forgiveness.

As the Season 6 winner of NBC’s hit reality The Biggest Loser, Michelle Aguilar inspires people globally with her powerful story. Her new book, Becoming Fearless, is about having faith in God when you’ve lost faith in yourself. Entertainment editor Evan Derrick caught up with her to discuss the show and her book.

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What was your experience like on The Biggest Loser?

It’s hard to explain it briefly but the experience overall I think, not only did it show me that I was capable of more than I believed I was but it also helped me to truly find kind of myself and I learned to change from the inside out. I think most people look at The Biggest Loser – they are thinking weight loss, they are thinking numbers, they are thinking working out and eating right and it’s full of all those things and all that you would expect from it. I think what I gained most is the unexpected and I think just the life change that happened because of it.


Is there a distinct parallel between things like fear, depression, family issues, emotional issues and the problem some people having with losing weight?

Absolutely. I recognized pretty quickly that it wasn’t just about eat less, move more, but that there is a huge emotional connection that happens between people and food. For me, I think my background growing up in a Christian ministry minded home, I didn’t have the urge when things went wrong to go running to drugs and alcohol but I kind of did the safest thing which in my mind was food. I didn’t know that I was doing it but I found myself at a place where I was turning to food for comfort much like I think an alcoholic does with drinks and so it was my way of coping with the pain. So I absolutely would agree that the two go hand in hand.

When did you realize that understanding that connection was going to be a large part of the secret to losing weight?

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