Battlefield Ethics: Links

A selection of links to religious and other ethical stances on war, military practices, and pacifism.

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From, an explanation of war in Islam, and it being permissible in the cases of fighting in self-defense and fighting in the cause of God.

War in Jewish Law

An article entitled "Fighting the War and the Peace: Battlefield Ethics, Peace Talks, Treaties, and Pacifism in the Jewish Tradition," which offers a halakhic explanation of the grounds for starting war, ethics on the battlefield, peace treaties, and related topics.

Jewish View of War


A Q&A column from, which outlines three types of war explained in the Talmud--obligatory war, defensive war, and optional war. Concludes that peace is always the preferred option.

Arms Control & Jewish Values

Statement from Reform Judaism's Religious Action Committee affirming that, "as Jews we have always been firmly committed to the belief that nations must 'beat their swords into plowshares' and that people must act toward one another in a spirit of kindness and humanity."

Christian Pacifist Quotes



Selected quotes from Christian scripture, early church writings, and more about non-violence.

Episcopal Church Statement on War

Includes the church's belief that "non-violent refusal to participate in or prepare for war can be a faithful response of a member of this Church and a decision to participate in war should be made only after careful and prayerful consideration."

Christian Attitudes Toward War

Statement of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) on war. Explains that while the church supported intervention during World Wars I and II, the church rethought its positions after the Vietnam War and the Cold War. Peacemaking is now a church priority.

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