Battlefield Ethics: Links

A selection of links to religious and other ethical stances on war, military practices, and pacifism.


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St. Thomas Aquinas on War

Section of Aquinas's "Summa Theologica," in which he answers questions about wheterh war is lawful, whether it is all right to fight on holy days, and more.

Gaudium et Spes

Vatican statement on the Church in the modern world, with a section on 'The Avoidance of War.'

Catholicism & Peace

Collection of online Catholic writings and official statements on war, just-war theory, and peace. With links to relevant organizations.


The Hindu Ethic of Nonviolence

An essay on


, a Jain concept that is the basis for the HIndu principle of nonviolence, with selected quotes from Hindu leaders on pacifism.


The Cases in Which Islam Permits Fighting

From, an explanation of war in Islam, and it being permissible in the cases of fighting in self-defense and fighting in the cause of God.

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