What’s the big deal about 2012?


How many calendars did the Mayans have, anyway?


What did the ancient Mayans think would happen on Dec. 21, 2012?


What are some of the things folks fear might go wrong with the world in 2012?


When did mainstream society first start connecting 2012 with the end of the world?


Other cultures believed/believe we're in a time of massive transition, according to 2012 proponents—be it the end of the world or a new beginning. Can you name one of them?


What astronomical event coincides with Dec. 21, 2012?


Among those who believe 2012 could bring cataclysm, one of the disasters most feared is something called earth crustal displacement. What is that?


The Maya believed their gods took several stabs at making humankind, of which we're only the most recent (and, interestingly, not the most advanced). What were some of the others that came before?


While the prophet Nostradamus never gave any predictions specifically about the year 2012 -- at least none labeled as such -- some believe that Nostradamus did indeed see catastrophic happenings for this much ballyhooed year. What does the site "nostradamus2012.com" say might be in our future?


Some 2012 theorists believe that the Hindu religion also predicts that we're transitioning from age to age. What age do Hindus believe we're in now?


Most mainstream scientists believe 2012 will bring...


Many theorists don't believe that 2012 will mark the end of the world, but rather a passage into a new sort of understanding, often comparing it to...


The Hindus believe that ages were cyclical, and once we're through with this "Age of Vice," we'll return to an "Age of Truth." What, according to Hindu texts, will we look like at that point?


Some 2012 proponents suggest that the Internet may also have some eerie knowledge of the future. Using things called Web Bots and a little finagling with time, Internet users allegedly have "predicted" some massive events already (9/11 was registered by Web Bots as a "life-changing tipping point"). The period between 2011 and 2013, meanwhile, have been marked as a time of grave global risk. What do these bots predict for the end of this year?


What does Clif High, who monitors these Web Bots, say about their reliability?


Alberto Villoldo, in speaking about Incan prophecies relating to a time of "culling of humanity" for the film "2012: Science or Superstition," offered some advice on how to prepare for the days ahead. His advice included:


The blockbuster film "2012" is directed by


Many 2012 proponents say ancient Mayans knew the earth has a "wobble" that modern scientists say is caused by the push-pull forces of the sun and moon. But 2012 theorists believe there may be other reasons for the wobble, including...


One of the more colorful theories related to 2012 involves something called "Planet X." Just what is Planet X, anyway?


One of the reasons why many scholars think the date was a big deal to the Maya can be found on "Monument Six," a stone tablet uncovered in the 1960s. The tablet contains the name of the Mayan god of war and creation, a date equivalent to 2012, and an inscription that may read, according to archaeologist Guillermo Bernal...

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