The religious fictional best-seller, Celestine Prophecy, was published in 1993. It was based in rain forests of Peru where an ancient manuscript was found offering insights to life. This has become a guidebook to many, regardless of the fictional story. People are encouraged to tap into ones inner intuitive guidance, finding life purpose, prayer, and embracing a spiritual connection. These are just a few reasons James Redfield’s book has gripped millions of readers for 20 years. “Millions of people are pursuing a higher spiritual consciousness. This is happening because we aren't satisfied with a materialistic or Atheistic outlook. Yet at the same time, others are locked into a fear based pursuit of war and hatred,” writes Redfield. The author explains to Beliefnet the phenomena of the series, what we can learn, and the launching of the Global Prayer Project.

1. For the novice, can you explain Celestine Insights and Messages? My book THE CELESTINE PROPHECY describes a series of insights that are basic to true Spiritual experience. To live a full spiritual life, we must individually discover these Insight experiences for ourselves. These discoveries are not difficult to experience and are rapidly becoming more recognizable by people from all cultures and religious backgrounds. Each Insight marks an inspired step forward in personal spiritual consciousness. Over the four books of the Celestine Prophecy series, 12 key insights are described. These Insights consist of becoming aware of one's Life Purpose, Inner Intuitive Guidance, the Control Dramas that might be holding us back -- and most importantly a force called SYNCHRONICTY that operates in our lives. 2. How can we observe Synchronicity? Our awareness of Synchronicity begins when we realize that some of the daily coincidences in our lives are not really coincidences at all. They are mysterious events that transcend the laws of chance, and bring us information at just the right time to propel our lives forward spiritually. For instance, someone might be considering a life change of some kind, perhaps a change in careers. Later, this person might take a seat on a subway next to someone who has just made the exact same career change, giving him a tip encouraging him to take the first step in that direction. Becoming aware of Synchronicity is life changing because we realize that the universe is designed to help us fulfill a destined contribution to the world. All we have to do is stay aware of this process.

3. How can we learn more about our intuition? Discovering our INTUITIVE abilities is the key to the Synchronistic flow of our lives. When we perceive our intuition fully, it feels as though we are being helped from a Divine Intelligence of which we are a part. Intuition gives us a sudden knowing about how to solve a problem, improve a relationship, or pursue our spiritual search. Intuitions are different from ordinary thoughts because they merely arrive in our minds with a feeling of inspiration or breakthrough, and suggest a particular act we should make. This act could pertain to any area of life. It might be to go somewhere or to strike up a conversation with a stranger. It usually leads to a Synchronistic experience of some kind that extends and enhances our lives.

4. How is spiritually and health connected? What can we do to get started on this path? When we discover a deeper Spiritual Experience we feel energized with excitement and increased Intuitive "knowing." Spiritual leaders throughout history have described this experience as finding our "Bliss." However, our levels of energy can be restricted by an unhealthy lifestyle. What we are discovering is a way of eating, exercising, and relating to others which boosts our spiritual consciousness. The key here is to follow the advice of Integrative Doctors that are up to date on the latest factors that promote longevity and healthy living. This includes eating according to PALEO DIET principals, getting enough sleep, and adding dietary supplements to keep your blood levels and key nutrients at optimal levels.

5. Why is this Informational Website (celestinevision.com) initiative so important to you? We are launching this Updated version of Celestinevision.com because we feel humanity has reached a pivotal time in history. Millions of people are pursuing a higher spiritual consciousness. This is happening because we aren't satisfied with a materialistic or Atheistic outlook. Yet at the same time, others are locked into a fear based pursuit of war and hatred.

The key to breaking out of fear is for enough of us to live and talk about the experiences of Spirituality and to find and connect with a Divine part of ourselves. This gives us the inner security and life purpose that can spread this awareness to others. Yet this higher consciousness has to begin and grow, person to person, at local levels. Celestinevision is dedicated to bringing together all the permanent information needed to build a spiritually aware and healthy way of life. We aspire, through this website, to help build a community of people who together can spread a new vision of life and higher calling, just by exemplifying and living this Consciousness.

6. How can one utilize, and what can they learn from the Global Prayer Project? Prayer works! It is the fastest way to uplift others and is also the best way to uplift ourselves. When we send loving prayer energy toward others, we start a flow of spiritual activity that comes from a Divine intelligence within us. This energy fills us and lifts us up first and then overflows outward. This is what we do during the sessions of the GLOBAL PRAYER PROJECT. Meeting on the first Tuesday of each month (Beginning Jan 4th, 2014) thousands of people gather by phone connection with each other, then we connect with the force of the One God of Love, and send energetic prayer visualizations to places in need all around the world. Also we have a period of time for discussion of timely events on the planet, and a personal healing session where we affirm that this energy returns and covers all the members with a powerful blessing of their own.

What are you waiting for? Learn more at www.celestinevision.com.

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