spritual woman praiseEveryone knows what meditation is. Unless meditation is in your daily to-do list, you may not be as familiar with guided meditation. In these meditations, either live or prerecorded, an individual is voice-guided step by step through a meditative experience.

There are many different approaches and purposes to guided meditation. While some are directed towards healing or self improvement, others are more general and targeted at producing a calm environment to live in. Some guided meditations utilize imagery to produce a certain experience or encourage the listener to allow their own supplementary images to appear. All in all, guided meditations are meant to be effortless and assist individuals with their spiritual growth.

You might still be asking yourself, how does one use a guided meditation? First you’ll need to identify an element in your life that you’d like to change. Then you’ll want to ask yourself what is a goal, within that element, that you’d like to reach. You’ll then choose which type of guided meditation will work best for your needs – live or prerecorded. By using your mind, you’ll be able to bring forth change into your life. Through the exercises in the guided meditation you’ll activate muscles, change your biological state and even the way the cells within your body function.

Guided meditation will help an individual reprogram their mind to access the subconscious mind and provide it with an improved experience. For example, if you’re trying to learn a new language guided meditation will help you access stored previous experiences of you trying to learn a language. Furthermore, it will use those instances to overcome the adversities holding you back from learning the new language.

One of the most well-known within the mind-body medicine is Deepak Chopra. His teachings have inspired everyone from Dr. Maya Angelou, to Michael Jackson, Elizabeth Taylor to Oprah Winfrey. Chopra’s guided meditations help participants go beyond their everyday, minute thinking to push the boundaries of their own minds. Each of Chopra’s sessions require a two to three week commitment, but many people rave about the results. From positive thinking to stress management, weight loss to living healthy, Chopra has guided meditations to bring forth a lifetime of success.

When you’re seeking out guided meditation options make sure you incorporate any techniques that you believe will help you attain your goal – meditation music, guided imagery, and journaling. Guided meditation lends support to attain the goals you’re striving to achieve. By undoing what you’ve negatively intercepted, guided meditation can help you achieve greatness.

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