Health food scaleThere are so many aspects that go hand-in-hand when it comes to losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, every person has to tackle the task of weight loss and living healthy so that it accommodates their own body – and there is one expert who seems to have the whole ordeal under control. New York Times bestselling author JJ Virgin is a prominent fitness and nutrition expert, public speaker and media personality. She has appeared on PBS, Access Hollywood, The Rachael Ray Show, The Doctors, and The Today Show and has been featured in Women’s Word, Health Magazine, LA Weekly, Cosmopolitan, Dr. Oz’s website and the Los Angeles Times.

Her latest book The Virgin Diet Why Food Intolerance Is the Real Cause of Weight Gain provides readers with the tools to drop seven foods, lose seven pounds in just seven days. Virgin breaks down the misconceptions about weight loss and educates readers on what exactly is keeping them fat and how they can shed the pounds. She says that the secret to weight loss isn’t calories, isn’t fat, isn’t protein and isn’t even carbs. Instead the key to losing weight is avoiding and overcoming food intolerance. Virgin defines food intolerance as a series of physiological responses that your body has to certain types of food. It’s not the same thing as a food allergy but it is associated with bloating, gas indigestion, fatigue, mental fog, irritability, moodiness and weight gain.

The Virgin Diet eliminates the foods that your body can’t handle. For 21 days Virgin suggests that individuals stay away from sugar, artificial sweeteners, corn, and peanuts in addition to other items that are causing your body troublesome issues. In her book Virgin said, “Many of my clients never even realized they had symptoms until they cut out the high-FI foods.” She went on to say, “I’m betting that cutting out the high-FI foods will bring you to a whole new normal: energized, cheerful, calm and satisfied.”

Virgin has a long list of testimonials that stand by her program. In fact, most of Virgin’s methodology is agreeable amongst participants. The first being – stop counting calories. Virgin said, “Although the total number of calories counts, it is only part of the story. The source of the calories matters far more. If your calories come from foods that are causing your body trouble, then it almost doesn’t matter how much or how little you eat.” Moderation is not always the answer because eating the wrong foods affects your body’s chemistry which ultimately contributes to your health and weight gain.

The Virgin Diet breaks down digestion, inflammation and other key elements that come into play when educating yourself about weight loss and your overall anatomy. So you may be asking yourself, how does the Virgin Diet work? Cycle one has a duration of 21 days and during this time the individual cuts out all of the top seven high-FI foods and fuels their system with healing foods and healing supplements.

Then comes cycle two with the duration of 28 days. During this period every week for four weeks, test one potentially healthy high-FI food: gluten, soy, eggs or dairy. Based on your responses, determine whether each food should stay or go. During cycle two your body will be rid of the toxicities therefore, it will be easy to decipher how your body reacts to individual items. And then in the final phase cycle three you live a healthy lifestyle my incorporating effective exercise routines. You’ll still want to avoid corn, peanuts and sugar and artificial sweeteners majority of the time and you’ll want to rechallenge potentially healthy high-FI foods that you reacted to in cycle two after 3 – 6 months to determine if your tolerability has changed. Then every 12 months repeat the program.

There are so many gimmicks and loop holes associated with diets. Unfortunately, most of those diets do not attack the weight loss problem and only serve as a temporary fix. However, with the Virgin Diet you’ll find that the weight loss tactics are not generalized and focus on individuals on a case-by-case basis.

For more information on The Virgin Diet be sure to read more on JJ Virgin’s structured weight loss system.

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