Kathy Smith, the well-known health and fitness expert, has seen inspiration and motivation as part of her work for many years. As she told Beliefnet in this revealing interview, fitness "saved her life," and she hopes to spread the comfort and passion she found in healthy living to more and more people. In the clips below, Smith shares practical tips as well as motivational insights to help you on your path to a healthy, happy body.

'Make Peace with Your Body'
We all have body parts that we consider to be "less than loveable." Try these three techniques for changing your perspective, and learning to see your body as the miracle that it is.

'Honor Your Body's Cycles'
Being spontaneous is an important quality in a fulfilling life because it means that we are living in the present moment. With diet and fitness, routine is paramount--but so is giving yourself the freedom to live in the now.

'Enjoy Your Food'
Being on a diet shouldn't drain all the pleasure out of eating. Relish the snappy crunch of an apple, let your body tell you what it wants to eat, and above all, be as flexible in your diet as you aspire to be in your workouts.
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