Bacon Cheeseburgers are:

Spiritually Incorrect Though high in animal fats, subtract the bun and this meal is nutritionally acceptable on "The Zone" and Atkins diets. But the meat-dairy combo (beef and cheese) and pork (bacon) make this a kosher no-no. Pork is also considered haram (forbidden) by Muslims. Beef is similarly forbidden in India, but you can enjoy a Maharajah Mac made from mutton there.

Rice is:

Both Spiritually Correct and Nutritionally Incorrect A dietary staple in Asian cultures, rice has rich religious symbolism but is frowned upon by "The Zone" and Atkins diets as a "high glycemic index" carbohydrate, meaning it converts to sugar fast, spiking insulin levels in the blood and creating only temporary energy.

Lentils are:

Spiritually Correct A foundation of Indian (Hindu) cooking, lentils are praised as spiritually correct while also being a "low glycemic index" carbohydrate (formerly known as a slow-burn or long-burn carbo), which converts to sugar more slowly, providing stable, long-term energy.

Soy-Based Protein Bar are:

Both Spiritually Correct and Nutritionally Incorrect While there are no religious restrictions against soy--it is, in fact, a good source of protein--soybeans are often genetically engineered, and the bars are made from highly processed soy as well as sugar and preservatives.

Paella is:

Both Spiritually Incorrect and Nutritionally Correct This traditional Spanish dish includes shellfish and pork, kosher no-nos. Pork is also considered haram by Muslims, though this dish is considered nutritionally balanced on the Ornish diet.

Red Wine is:

Nutritionally Correct Studies have shown that red wine in moderation can prevent heart disease, but as an intoxicant it is considered haram by Muslims and similarly forbidden by Mormons.

Carrot Crudité With Hummus

Spiritually Correct Though a spiritually correct snack, the carrots and chick peas make this a "high glycemic index" appetizer. Barry Sears and Drs. Atkins and Ornish would prescribe raw broccoli, red peppers, and homemade pesto dipping sauce, featuring "low glycemic index" veggies and monounsurated heart-healthy olive oil.

Fresh Fruit Salad

Spiritually Correct Feast on this if you're on the Ornish diet, but if you're on "The Zone" or Atkins diets, you'll have to pick out the mango and bananas. No religious restrictions.

Green Tea

Nutritionally Incorrect Caffeine is a no-no on many diets, and The Mormon Health Code prohibits tea and coffee.
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