Spotlight on an empty stage
<p>One of the hallmarks of depression is a feeling of isolation. So what happens when someone who lives in the spotlight of entertainment, sports, or political fame struggles with depression? Take this quiz to learn about famous depressives who have turned their suffering into beacons of hope for others who might be feeling alone.</p> <p><em>By Holly Lebowitz Rossi</em></p>

What U.S. president, known to suffer from bouts of depression, wrote this in a letter to a friend: "A tendency to melancholy... is a misfortune, not a fault."


Which celebrity says she uses inversion therapy—where she hangs upside down to stimulate her brain’s neurotransmitters—to treat her depression?


What late-night comedian has often spoken publicly about his alcoholism and related depression?


What three famous writers—all depressives—jokingly referred to themselves as "The Blues Brothers?"


Which young celeb has not spoken publicly about bouts of depression?


Which actress, well-known for her depression activism, said, "I just felt as though I would never be happy again, and as if I had fallen into a big black hole."


In the tradition of "the sad clown," comedians often report suffering from depression behind the scenes. Which of these comedians has not said he or she has experienced depression?


Which actor or actress who played a therapist on television or film later divulged that he or she had received treatment for depression?


Courtney Cox-Arquette, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Brooke Shields all have experienced:


What famous fictional character was told "Snap out of it" by a less-than-sympathetic friend when he said, "I have deep feelings of depression."

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