Who's the pitta? [Hint: Workaholism is a trait of this dosha.]


London's climate would not be agreeable to those with this primary dosha. [Hint: You can find vatas in the desert, pittas on the ski slopes, and kaphas on both, but not when it's humid. And yes, the desert gets humid.]


Lady Macbeth's primary dosha is the opposite of Rip Van Winkle's - which is she? [Hint: Pittas sleep like babies, kaphas are snoozers, and vatas are insomniacs.]


Bill Gates developed a reputation for holding on to his billions, a characteristic of which dosha? [Hint: Vatas are big spenders, while kaphas keep their money in the bank AND under the mattress, and pittas are belt tighteners.]


If your skin is more like the Sahara than an oil slick, your primary dosha is most likely...[Hint: Pittas and kaphas often have to reach for the Clearasil.]


Howard Stern is known for his strong interest in sex, a characteristic of which dosha? [Hint: Airy vatas enjoy romance, and kaphas require a lot of courting, while you'll find pittas are often 'hottie of the week.']


Marilyn Monroe and Power Puff girl Blossom have this dosha's two hair colors. [Hint: Vatas and kaphas are often raven haired.]


Which could be called 'vata season'? [Hint: Vata corresponds to the air element.]


What time of day is 'the pitta hour'? [Hint: Pitta corresponds to the fire element.]


If I prefer greasy pizza or a bacon cheeseburger over frozen yogurt, even during a heat wave, my primary dosha is most likely...


If vatas are moody and kaphas have a long fuse, which BEST describes pittas' emotions?


If your night dreams are more like 'The Matrix' and 'Gladiator' than a Merchant-Ivory film, your primary or secondary dosha is...


The element that kapha corresponds to is:


A Palm Pilot-carrying, cell-phone-talking professional and a waifish ballet dancer are predominantly this dosha:


Which dosha tends to become imbalanced after childbirth and as we age?

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