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3 Things to Do to Protect Against Breast Cancer

By Dr. Dave Frahm, ND, MH, CNC, CNHP

She came…reluctantly. After all, she’d already done everything that her medical doctor had told her to do—mastectomy, chemotherapy, radiation. She’d done the “Big Three” that modern medicine had to offer against her disease. Her blood tests and doctor confirmed she was now in remission.

“Linda, I’ve tested thousands of women with breast cancer over the years,” I said, “and you’re showing the same underlying pattern of nutrient deficiencies and related toxic overloads that has been common to them all. You still have the same conditions in your body that appear to initiate and stimulate breast cancer. It’s important that you address and change this underlying pattern, or it’s quite likely cancerous tumors will recur.”

I handed her a list of the deficiencies that had shown themselves in her system. It was a familiar list, one I’d seen repeated with each breast cancer client I’d ever worked with: thyroid, hormonal and adrenal weakness.

There are three vital things for a woman to daily to either protect against the development of breast cancer or help reverse it:

Feed Your Thyroid with daily supplements of iodine

A starving thyroid begins the degenerative process toward development of breast cancer in a woman’s body. A weak thyroid leads to weak ovaries and adrenals…which in turn leads to additional weaknesses, which all work together toward the development of cancerous cells.

The thyroid requires dietary iodine to make its hormones, which in turn govern energy production and the work of every cell. There is little to no iodine in the typical American diet even though iodine has been added to table salt since the 1920’s. Seaweed is the best source of iodine on the planet The Japanese average 12 mgs/iodine in their daily diet (100 times the US RDA), and have the lowest incidence of cancer in the world. I recommend a Thyrostim to all my clients.

Balance your hormones with bio identical progesterone

The thyroid is known as a woman’s “third ovary”. When it’s weak, so are the ovaries. Weak ovaries lead to “estrogen dominance.” When progesterone is not present, unbalanced estrogen stimulates the production of immature cells that want to multiply rapidly and out of control. Such cells form cysts and fibroids, and are prone to mutative changes that make them cancerous.

Unbalanced estrogen also thwarts the body’s immune system by depleting zinc, vital for immune function. Without zinc, the body can’t metabolize essential fatty acids, another key nutrient for immune function.

Supplying supplemental bio-identical progesterone (same as human) slows the multiplication of cells, helping them mature into contributing “citizens”, plus enabling retention of zinc and essential fatty acids.

I recommend Restored Balance Progesterone.

Support Your Adrenal Glands with B Complex and Vitamin C

The adrenal glands are the “firemen” of your body, the “first responders” pumping out the hormones that protect from the ravages of stress. They also govern other functions, including immune response. Not only are the adrenals governed by the thyroid, they easily get over-taxed by stress: dietary, emotional, physical, and environmental. I recommend daily support of adrenals with ADHS, Energy B, and Super C.

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