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Have you ever had a dream and wondered if it had meaning or if God is trying to speak to you? Dreams can have significant spiritual meanings when we concentrate on what they are saying to us. Sometimes our dreams can be a premonition, giving us insight into solving a problem or revealing something we couldn’t see before. Here are seven spiritual messages that may be coming to you through your dreams.

A message of premonition.

Sometimes our dreams are more than just dreams. There are hidden messages attached to what we’re dreaming. There are times when our dreams will unlock the meaning of previous experiences or warn us about something that will occur in the future. Your dream may be predicting a future event, especially if it’s a dream about an accident or bad incident. Dreams can also serve as metaphors. A common theme of premonition dreams is them being persistent. If a dream occurs more than three times, it may be a premonition dream.

A message to break down our walls of defense.

Our dreams are created through our subconscious minds. Since this happens, our dreams usually bypass our self-defense walls and our notions around our strengths and weaknesses. We generally build up these walls because we’re afraid to show who we are. Maybe we didn’t get the position we wanted, or earn the medal from the competition we entered, or received the grade on the test we hoped for. This can turn into feelings of hurt and shame. Sometimes, God uses our dreams to break down the walls of defense we’ve created. Sometimes, the dreams we have may allow us to get to the heart of the pain we’re going through and help us move past it.

A message to reveal something we couldn’t see before.

Our dreams can feel very real. There are times where we will wake up sad, scared, or upset because of the dream we had. Isaiah 29:8 speaks to this, “It will be as when a hungry man dreams – and behold, he is eating; But when he awakens, his hunger is not satisfied, or, as when a thirsty man dreams – and behold, he is drinking, but when he awakens, behold, he is faint, and his thirst is not quenched.” There are times where you will dream about drinking or eating and still wake up feeling hungry. This is the reality of our dreams. Our dreams can appear to be so real, but they’re not. The same thing happens when it comes to our visions. They can appear to be so real in our minds, but they aren’t a reality. God may be trying to speak to you through your dreams and visions.

A message to adjust your listening.

God may be speaking to you through your dreams to adjust the way you hear what He is saying to you. There are times where we’re stubborn to the messages God is trying to send us or simply ignore what He is telling us because we don’t want to hear it. There are times where we aren’t open to hearing God’s voice because our schedules are so busy, and we don’t want the message to disrupt our lives. We may also close our ears and not take the time to feel the Holy Spirit’s presence in our lives. God will also talk to us when it feels inconvenient to us. We have to be prepared. When we’re dreaming, God can bypass the protective wall we’ve placed up for ourselves. We just have to listen to what the Spirit is telling us.

A message of caution.

Dreams can warn us of danger. God may be using your dreams to warn you about a situation. The warning may be that a toxic situation is getting ready to show up in your life or that a bad situation will occur. While our dreams can warn us of things to come, we mustn’t become too dependent on our dreams. There are people who become too reliant on their dreams, believing that they will direct their paths. Doing this can set us up for deception and error. We need to tell if the dream we’re receiving is a dream from God or a false dream. A false dream comes into our minds that attempts to lead us away from God. These dreams can also communicate dark, prophetic messages. They can also speak to the desires of the heart.

A message of instruction.

Sometimes, we have dreams that give us special instruction. God may be trying to notify you of faults or give us guidance on how to move forward in certain situations. Job 22:16 says. “He may speak in their ears and terrify them with warnings.” God will give us instruction through our dreams so that we can learn from them. We have to be open to hearing what He is saying to us. The Bible tells us, “All scripture is inspired by God and is useful to teach us what is true and to make us realize what is wrong in our lives. It corrects us when we are wrong and teaches us to do what is right” (2 Timothy 3:16-17). We can apply the same instruction through our dreams.

A message to bypass our pride.

Pride is getting a deep pleasure from your achievements, the achievements of those around you, or the qualities and/or possessions widely admired by people. Pride focuses on the sinful intentions of the heart. There may be times that you hide behind your pride without even realizing it. While we may not give in to temptation during our sleep, there may still be the struggle of sin in our hearts. Our dreams often come from the images and thoughts that are going through our minds. Our dreams can also show us the sin of our hearts that our conscious minds don’t want to confront. Dreams reveal the struggle of sin within us. God wants nothing more for us to be dead to sin so that it doesn’t reign in our hearts, bodies, or minds.

God often speaks to us through our dreams. Whether your dream is a premonition, a caution, or instruction, it very well so could have spiritual meaning. Pay attention to the message God may be trying to send you when you put your head down at night. It may be important.

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