Six medical studies, published in the past year by Cornell researchers, report that apples prevent breast cancer by multiple mechanisms [1-6].

Specifically, the studies show that natural substances found in apples decrease the number of tumors, size of tumors, and tumor growth rates in animals. The more apple extract the animals were fed, the greater the reduction in cancer. The lead Cornell researcher states, “We not only observed that the treated animals had fewer tumors, but the tumors were smaller, less malignant [aggressive] and grew more slowly.” Remarkably, the researchers found that the most deadly “adenocarcinoma” form of breast cancer was found in 71% of animals not fed the apple extract, but in only 23% of the animals fed the highest dose of the apple extract [1]. The same researchers found new substances in apple skins that also have anti-cancer activities [3].

In order to get enough apple nutrients for the full benefits, I recommend taking an apple extract supplement daily, plus eating 1 whole apple at least a few times weekly. Baked or sautéed apples with olive oil and cinnamon are absolutely amazing.


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